Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cabbage Soup!

Good gracious do I love cabbage soup. I could run a train on it for a week! And I typically do because it just lasts so long! I have a mental recipe for my usual cabbage soup, but I'm not sure if I've decide to post recipes? This ain't no vaygan cookin' blog, dang! Just the things I make, and this counts as something I made...maybe I'll post recipes. I'll think about it, but for now, just look at that beautiful concoction of cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, paprika, cumin, thyme, sage, loads of other herbs and water!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

ps, sorry, sometimes people really hate when I say "run a train" on my food. :-(

I found something I apparently wrote?

The other day I was perusing old sketchbooks and in some middle page of a less than half filled sketchbook I found something I apparently wrote, but I have no memory of ever writing it! It was from 2007, and it was a poem..I think?! I don't write poems! I never did! But it was in my hand writing. It's really strange, and the poem honestly makes no sense at all. I made this based on two lines of the "poem", thinking it would help inspire me for a future project. (whatever)

A poem by Halie, circa 2007(??!)
Just like the creatures around it
until it realized that its not the same.
I broke all the records stained in glass, (whaaat?)
and pulled out the organ I never knew
and opened the boxed(?) that
were filled to the top ****(illegible word)
wriping(ripping?) out pictures.


Cell Division, of course!

The epitome of health, look at them go!

The Pho Monster!

I was thinking of Pho, my favorite food of all time, and I drew him!

Mmm, Pho Monster.


Tofu head, noodles on his neck, and lime nip nip nipples! What more could you want!

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Mounds

The Creation of Mounds

Before you know about mounds, you need to know about meteorites. There are two types of meteorites; primitive and differentiated. Primitive meteorites are meteorites whose composition of metals, minerals, and space dust has been unchanged since its formation. Differentiated meteorites have been altered by heat and pressure, therefore it's composition is processed and all melted together to make one consistent material.

The creation of mounds starts on a foreign planet, when an extraterrestrial creature accidentally stumbles and begins orbiting it's planet at a very low altitude. When this happens, small stones, rocks, and pebbles magically adhere to the creatures body and tumble around with the orbiting creature. This phenomenon creates a katamari, a magical adhesive ball where anything smaller than it sticks to its surface!

After a few orbits, the creature will become entirely contained in a ball of space matter and eventually launched out of its planet's orbit and into space! Sometimes, in our case, the katamari meteorite will get close enough to Earth that it collides into our surface and implants its self into the crust! Over time, the landing site becomes covered in dirt and foliage to create a mound.

This mound is the resting site of the fallen katamari meteorite and space creature. The pressure and heat from the Earth fuse the space matter together to form a differentiated shell around the hibernating creature, keeping it stable until the day it can emerge from it's shell and create a new life on Earth. Though this isn't the death of the space creature, these mounds are sometimes referred to as
katamari burial grounds.

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Moving Rocks

The Creation of Moving Rocks

In the Death Valley desert in Eastern California, there are rocks that have been known to move when no one is looking. The reason they move isn't because of wind or ice, but because underneath the rocks are little fleshy creatures! These creatures have skin that is too sensitive to be exposed to the sun, so in order for them to exist in the desert they tie rocks to their backs and bury themselves underground.

During the day, the rocks absorb heat from the sun and the creatures convert this stored heat into usable energy. When the sun goes down, they travel the desert with the energy supplied by their rock-backs.

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Lakes

The Creation of Lakes

Where the monster lay, he make a lake.

That's really all there is to it.

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Monoliths

The Creation of Monoliths

On Easter Island there are giant stone heads that stick out of the ground, and all around the world elsewhere, there are other large stones much like the heads, yet without any features. Any large stone that is a monolith isn't actually a stone at all; it's a creature who use to walk the Earth naked!

These big headed creatures would walk around completely nude, and because they had no hair like most other fleshy animals, they become so embarrassed of their nudity that they buried their bodies under the Earth and only kept their heads poking out. Back then, the Earth was so rich with nutrients that they could survive for thousands of years without needing to eat! The nutrients just seeped into their fleshy skin and kept them nourished and content for their whole lives.

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Geodes

The Creation of Geodes

There exists a creature that consumes food; just like us! However, unlike us, when this creature digests his food, his body compresses the nutrients into a beautiful little ball and sounds it with waste. The creature then poops out the entire nutrient/waste conglomerate, thus creating a beautiful geode, which i like to refer to as a poop stone!

However, because the creature never absorbs any nutrients (because he's always pooping them out) he eventually dies due to malnutrition. On the creatures last poop, instead of pooping out nutrients he poops out his soul into the poop stone and soon after dies. The soul will hibernate in the poop stone for however long it takes for someone or something to come along and crack the poop stone open. Then the creature is born again, like a phoenix, to continue the geode making cycle all over again!

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Cover

This is the cover of my book of creation myths. I milled, laminated, and waxed a few pieces of cedar, then bound it together with the illustrations inside.

I also designed and build a podium that the book rests on, also made out of cedar, however I don't have any images of it at the moment. Hopefully I'll get some up later!

Each of the creation myths have some sort of narrative I say when I present them. There are five stories in total.

Table of Contents:
1. Creation of Geodes
2. Creation of Monoliths
3. Creation of Lakes
4. Creation of Moving Rocks
5. Creation of Mounds

Abstract Geology Sketchbook

I took a class called Concepts and Strategies during the Fall Semester of 2010, and one of the assignments was to create something based on the term geology. We could really do anything we wanted as long as it in someway reverenced geology. This is the sketchbook I made for that particular project, and it ended up evolving into a more long term project that I intent to expand on this year.

Basically, I researched
different geological features on Earth, as well as *OUTER SPACE*, and made up creation myths about those geologies. Most of the research I have in my sketch book didn't make it to the final project (which I'll post later) but I don't intend on abandoning them. They'll have their day..some day.