About me!

Name: Halie Dawn Ezamazing

I was born May 31st, 1990 on what was agreeably the most spectacular morning in history! New York is my birthplace, but I've lived in Florida for my whole life. The palm trees and flamingos inspire me.

After graduating the Alexander W Dreyfoos School of the Arts, I moved north to Gainesville in pursuit to study veterinary medicine! Then nutrition! Then graphic design! And then..sculpture! It's not that I failed everything before sculpture and decided to settle..though that is how that series of decisions played out, but the point is, I really like making things! And I really enjoy studying sculpture!

Aside from art, I love cooking and eating, I love animals and sloths. I love dancing and riding my bike and walking around. I love traveling and working hard and imagining monsters. I like dressing up, I'm left handed and I'm a 3rd grader.

Presently, I'm in the pursuit of creating interdisciplinary creation stories involving mythology and geology. Combining the logic of our planet with the internal nonsensical explanations for why the rational world exists. I've been interested in the idea of entropy in the past, and a strong sense of that concept flows over to my current work.

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