Monday, May 16, 2011

Off to see the sloths. BYE!!

Beginning today, I'll be away in Costa Rica volunteering at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary for four weeks!

I know this is me being extremely repetitive, but I thought it'd be appropriate to make an official "away from blog" post to excuse my lack of postings during the month of May and June. I will try to post a few images of my future sketches (and maybe some of the sloths!) since I'll be sketching alotalotalotalotalot!

The image above is my now completed sketchbook I made for the trip (I'll post finished photos of the sketchbook later) and the rest of the dookie I've been trying to put together before I left this morning.

Ok, so, goodbye!! ;DD

ps, If you have the chance, go on an awesome adventure this summer, ok?!

Sloth apron!

"~*Oh my goodness, these little baby avocados are just beeaaaauuuutifuul!*~"

I'm on an apron kick, and I found some awesome remnant pieces of fabric to make this SASSY SLOTHY APRON!

I think I'll be sewing aprons. A lot more. In the future. They're just so fun to sew! Look forward to seeing aprons like this for sale. I would like to make some more sloth printed items and donate some of the money I make from them to the Sanctuary. We'll see how things go!

Sloth screenprint!!

I'm going to Costa Rica soon! I'm going to Costa Rica now, actually. (Blogging from the airport cause there ain't much to doodoo) So in the spirit of my upcoming/present adventure to the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, I decided to print a sloth to take with me on my trip! I'll be volunteering at the Sanctuary for 4 weeks, so don't expect much more posts after this. I'll have my hands filled...with slothhhss!

The design was a bit spontaneous, in that the femur I decided to include in the image wasn't so much thought out and more so just a visual solution to not wanting to draw a tree. Why not a bone?! It was probably inspired by all the bones I have behind my bed. Any-who, I later came to a symbolic conclusion about my subconsciously conceptual inclusion of the femur!

The femur is often a representation of strength and support, and I feel the connection between the sloth and femur is representative of my relationship with the sloth, as well as my future interaction with the sloth. As much as they are a support for myself, I hope to be a support for them. They've sort of become my "power animal" in the sense that I find myself and my work relating to various attributions of the sloth. The best way to describe this image, is for me to imagine that if I was to be a member of a gang, the gang would be called The Tough Sloths, and this image would be on our flag. Watch out, I'm a tough sloth!

(I'll have more images of the prints later! Sorry, underwhelming post)

Miso and spinach soup and Korean style rice cakes!

A usual combination of foods for me. Both are quick and easy to throw together. Enough said!!

What! A self portrait?

A while ago my friend Mel and I decided to throw up some news print, set up some mirrors and draw ourselves in charcoal. I don't remember what inspired the act, but I need to admit that I don't think I've drawn a realistic human figure since 11th grade in High School, let alone a self portrait. It was intimidating!

However, I was really pleased with what I did, and considering all opposing factors (never liked drawing people, never very good at drawing people, not used to drawing so large, and this was larger than life sized) it was really fun! I think I'll try to get into the habit of drawing for life a bit more. I miss it.

The head is large, ain't got no hand...but whhhaaatevvva!