Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies; Monoliths

The Creation of Monoliths

On Easter Island there are giant stone heads that stick out of the ground, and all around the world elsewhere, there are other large stones much like the heads, yet without any features. Any large stone that is a monolith isn't actually a stone at all; it's a creature who use to walk the Earth naked!

These big headed creatures would walk around completely nude, and because they had no hair like most other fleshy animals, they become so embarrassed of their nudity that they buried their bodies under the Earth and only kept their heads poking out. Back then, the Earth was so rich with nutrients that they could survive for thousands of years without needing to eat! The nutrients just seeped into their fleshy skin and kept them nourished and content for their whole lives.

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