Sunday, January 30, 2011

I found something I apparently wrote?

The other day I was perusing old sketchbooks and in some middle page of a less than half filled sketchbook I found something I apparently wrote, but I have no memory of ever writing it! It was from 2007, and it was a poem..I think?! I don't write poems! I never did! But it was in my hand writing. It's really strange, and the poem honestly makes no sense at all. I made this based on two lines of the "poem", thinking it would help inspire me for a future project. (whatever)

A poem by Halie, circa 2007(??!)
Just like the creatures around it
until it realized that its not the same.
I broke all the records stained in glass, (whaaat?)
and pulled out the organ I never knew
and opened the boxed(?) that
were filled to the top ****(illegible word)
wriping(ripping?) out pictures.


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