Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pho Monster in the graffiti tunnel!

I got bored Monday night, because I had just finished my last class of the year and everyone else was studying for shit and I just wanted to go out and do something fun to celebrate!

So I decided to do my first paint job in the graffiti tunnel on campus that night. I've never really painted with spray paint before, except for a little practice run when I first got my set of paints, so this is definitely a new and unfamiliar medium for me. It was really fun, and I was painting next to a guy who was tagging the tunnel, and he was pretty neeaaaattt. We ended up talking quite a bit, so now I have a graffiti friend I guess, lolololol.

I painted the pho monster, blue, just because I had a lot of blue.

It took longer than I think it should have, but for a first go, I think it was pretty good! Next time I'll understand layering better, and what should come first in terms of colors and the overlapping of features. The nose was a good moment for me.

Next time, I'm throwin' up a sloth. Slothz 4 lyfe!!

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