Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bronze twin crystals; (nearly) finished!

Penetration Twins

Contact Twins

Ta-daaaa! My bronze sculptures of the twin crystals have reached the near end of this journey, with the exception of some extra polishing in the near future. The gates were cut, their bodies were filed and grinded and polished, and here they are! A little rough, but I like crystalline/mineral-like textures that arise in the casually filed appearance.

I didn't paint the faces on, because I thought adding the other medium to the bronze would feel disconnected. They don't really need faces either; I like considering them as creatures in the past who are now solidified in this crystal-like material and are more so objects or minerals rather than organisms. I'm considering carving little wooden masks for them, but that won't be any time soon if I choose to do so.

Detail of contact twins, best friends.

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