Monday, March 14, 2011

Rock Heads!

The Rock Heads
For a performance based project this past month I decided to reenact one of the myths from my Creation Myths about Earth's Geologies book. I chose to reenact the myth describing the creation of Monoliths. This involved the construction of rock heads!

For this, I used a beach ball as my base and layer it with newspaper, papier-mache, Bondo, Spackle, and house paint. Although the result was fairly successful (the larger head cracked near the base of the entrance hole) I'm kind of hoping to find an easier and less expensive way of creating a durable large full-face-covered mask.

My friends Mel and Max kindly modeled the masks for me! Dang, they are just the best! The performance involved more than just wearing the mask though. It was the entire reenactment of the burial process of the rock heads, and during the performance I took off some of my clothes and tried to bury myself in different areas around our classroom's courtyard. The performance was kind of nut-zo, but It helped a lot in realized the future of this piece. Point is, I don't ha
ve images of the performance because it was nut-zo.

So cute!

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