Monday, March 28, 2011

Field Guide to Crystals!

A Field Guide to Crystals
Soon to be distributed!

In response to my altered book, I decided to take the information that I've been working with (like this information posted earlier!) and present it to an audience outside of the classroom. I made a total of six booklets titled Field Guide to Crystals; three about contact twins and the other three about penetration twins. They were printed on Vellum and due to expenses, I couldn't print more than six.

Each booklet has a front and back cover, title page introducing the crystal type and creature I associate it with, infromation sheet, and two DIY crystal paper cutouts. The paper cutouts come with instructions on how to assemble the given crystal structures (either contact or penetration crystals can be created with the cutout).

I'm really curious to see the response I get when putting these out
for people to stumble upon. The day I distribute them, I'll create another post in order to encourage anyone who finds one and searches for my blog (which is listed on the back of the booklet) to respond and let me know they found the booklet and what their thoughts about it were! I'm looking for an out of critique response, and see what and how a general audience views my work.

I hope to present more work publicly, but for now this will be my test run!

More booklet images,

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