Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working with steel!


It took way too long for me to get motivated, but I've finally started cutting my steel! For my first Metals project I've decided to construct two crystalline forms out of steel. Originally I was set on making spheres but I think what made me so unmotivated in the first place was trying to figure out how to weld AND how to construct a decent looking sphere out of planes. I'm much more attacted to these crystal shapes anyway.

These are my first cuts laid out!

They look like a piece of a beautiful shooting Jewish Star!!! Make a wish, ya'll!

I actually can't wait to weld them together! I think I'll MIG weld the structures. I'm a better at MIG than gas, though I still have to practice both.

Welding is like a whole new world, I think if it goes over well, It'll be something I do much more of.

Look at that RUST!!

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